AI News (24th May 2023)

Summary: A short summary of recent AI-related news.
Topics: AI news
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  • MEGABYTE: Predicting Million-byte Sequences with Multiscale Transformers (link)
  • CodeT5+: Open Code Large Language Models for Code Understanding and Generation (link)
  • Scaling speech technology to 1000 languages (link, additional blog post)
  • Towards Expert-Level Medical Question Answering with Large Language Models (link)
  • VisionLLM: Large Language Model is also an Open-Ended Decoder for Vision-Centric Tasks (link)
  • ToolkenGPT: Augmenting Frozen Language Models with Massive Tools via Tool Embeddings (link)
  • Getting ViT in Shape: Scaling Laws for Compute-Optimal Model Design (link)
  • "According to ..." Prompting Language Models Improves Quoting from Pre-Training Data (link)
  • Complex Claim Verification with Evidence Retrieved in the Wild (link)
  • Tree of Thoughts: Deliberate Problem Solving with Large Language Models (link)
  • LM vs LM: Detecting Factual Errors via Cross Examination (link)
  • Next Steps for Neeva (link)
  • EU AI Act To Target US Open Source Software (link)
  • MTIA v1: Meta’s first-generation AI inference accelerator (link)
  • Pursuing groundbreaking scale and accelerating research using Meta’s Research SuperCluster (link)
  • Together raises $20M to build open source generative AI models (link)
  • Apple Restricts Employee Use of ChatGPT, Joining Other Companies Wary of Leaks (link)
  • FINAL VoxSRC challenge (link)
  • Apple’s new ‘Personal Voice’ feature (link)
  • OpenAI - governing superintelligence (link)
  • Bengio - Rogue AIs (link)
  • US Senate hearing with Altman, Marcus (link)
  • Can We Stop Runaway A.I.? (link)
  • Aidan Gomez tweet (link)
  • Pandas AI (link)
  • AI-powered coding, free of charge with Colab (link)
  • The Alan Turing Institute has failed to develop modern AI in the UK (link)
  • Fergal Reid (link)
  • European governments need to start taking defence innovation seriously (link)
  • Filtir (link) (discord: link)
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